Legendary Artists of Tanzania


By Alan Donovan

Construction has begun on the new Museum at African Heritage House, based on a structure in TIMIMOUM, the first and last oasis for travels to and from Africa, in the Sahara Desert in what is now Algeria.

Thus Timimoun represents the first journeys to and from Africa before the sailing ships and their stolen human cargo.  The museum will feature the journeys of those who found Africa as their mecca, like myself, Carol Beckwith and Angela Fisher of African Ceremonies who have produced the largest archives in the world of the vanishing rituals and ceremonies of Africa through their l7 books.  It will also feature the journeys of those associated with African Heritage who  went out of Africa and found their dream,  like Iman, who first modeled for African Heritage in l975 and went on to become the most famous face of Africa, often described as the most beautiful woman in the world.

We are also entering into  discussions with UCLA  regarding  the possibility of making African Heritage House the premier African Studies Centre on the continent.

Welcome to African Heritage!

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