African Heritage used the hand-woven and hand-printed textiles of Africa for fashions presented during its African Heritage Nights which were the  social event of the year in Nairobi for several decades, and for its tours abroad through Kenya’s African Heritage Festival.

Many famous faces emerged through  African Heritage shows including world famous modeling sensations from Africa, Iman (see section below), the most famous model to come out of Africa, and Khadija, who went straight from an African Heritage Night to become Yves St. Laurent’s first African lead model.  Other famous faces who started their careers as African Heritage head models were Miss Nairobi Centennial and Face of Africa Winner, Emma Too, Fayel Tall, a gorgeous young model from Mali who shot to international success; Catherine Karl who was the longest reigning head model of African Heritage, Epiphany, a stunning model from Ethiopia and many others.  African Heritage was the first to present all African models, fabrics and jewellery in its first show during the All African Trade Fair in l972 when it presented a collection of fashions created from Nigerian fabrics with African Heritage Jewellery by Alan Donovan.

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