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P.O. Box 17871-00500, Nairobi, Kenya

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0721 518389

The following information will assist you in finding the entrance to the House.

DO YOU NEED A TAXI?  Phone Gideon 0720-170754.


  1. From Nairobi, take Mombasa Road  past JKIA  toward Athi River to the Weighbridge Station. You will see many lorries parked along the road.
  2. Pass through Mlolongo. You will pass “Food Palace” on your  right and then Peter Mulley’s Supermarket on your left.  My house is nearly opposite Peter Mulley’s Supermarket on the opposite side of the highway.  You will see trees and bougainvilleas opposite the supermarket. However, you cannot access the house from here.
  3. Pass through Mlolongo. About a half a mile further (from the supermarket) you will come to  a pedestrian overpass across the road.
  4. MAKE A U TURN HERE and come back toward Nairobi.
  5. Stay in your left lane. Go up the hill. Cross over rumble strips (4) and pass by  a pile of boulders partially blocking the entry to the service road on the National Park side of the highway on your left.
  6. Go a few metres further and turn left on the new exit from highway into service road.
  7. Continue driving towards Nairobi. Turn left at the first real driveway.  There is a large signboard next to my house for AIC KASINA CHURCH.  My driveway with the name ALAN DONOVAN is just before the church  but you will be approaching from the back side of it.  There are trees and bougainvilleas at the entry of the driveway.
  8. Follow the road to the Nairobi National Park at the end where you will see the  African Heritage House.

Take matatu (van) #110 at the Nairobi Railway Station going to Athi River.  Get off at MLOLONGO (Waybridge station) at PETMAK PETROL STATION.  Call Alan Donovan at 0721 518389 and someone will come to escort you to African Heritage House.