The BORDERLANDS concept and project is nothing less than an initiative to save the last sweeping views along the border of the NAIROBI NATIONAL PARK, off the Mombasa Road.  This is an endangered land and immediate steps must be taken to keep these lands from further degradation.

The main project will occupy one hundred acres of land overlooking the Athi Plains of Nairobi National Park nearby the famous African Heritage House, which has been gazetted as a national monument/heritage site and is planning to establish an African Heritage Study Centre with Strathmore University.

The plan is to develop this land that will preserve it for generations to come.  The plan would focus on accomodations , cottages, time shares, camping site,  a restaurant, coffee shop and a conference centre with swimming pool all for leisure use.  There will also be a colonial style lodge and a tented camp.  The architecture of the main concept will draw its inspiration from the pre-colonial “Lost” Architecture from 17 cultures, including the Swahili of the Kenyan Coast. Most of these architectures were made of mud and many have washed away and have never been replaced.   Just as the abstract art of Africa inspired the so-called “modern” art of the early twentieth century, the sculpted mud architecture of Africa can be considered ultra modern or “post modern” in its many forms, shapes and stylish painting and adornment.

The land is only a few miles from the main airport to Kenya, JKIA.  It takes only ten minutes to reach the project from the airport , thus visitors to the Borderlands would avoid the ever increasing congestion and mind-numbing traffic jams when going into the city of Nairobi.  The land can also be reached from the main road to Tanzania with its many tourist destinations, as well as Amboseli.  It adjoins the main highway to Mombasa.

Several young artists and architects are involved in this project including the Architectural firm of  Questworks,  headed by Raul Figueroa, PhD.   Hotels in Tanzania and Kenya have expressed interest in this concept which has been delayed due to the SG Railway lines which had threatened this land.

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Borderlands Masterplan Proposal