Stay at Africa’s Most Photographed House

The African Heritage House, overlooking the Nairobi National Park, designed by American Alan Donovan, co-founder of the African Heritage Pan African Galleries, is a combination of the mud architectures from across Africa.

The house is available for tours, meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinners on the rooftop or by the refreshing pool), conferences/functions, as well as overnight stays in its luxurious rooms, filled with African art and furnishings with modern appointments.

Please Note

Tours, meals and home stays must be booked at least one day in advance.

Select from these rooms and suites:

Lamu Suite

With typical Swahili style 19th century double  bed, decor and furnishings; a garden in the bathroom, with a sunken tub and shower, private verandah where meals may be taken overlooking the Nairobi National Park.

Moroccan Suite

Combines 19th Century Swahili double  bed with Moroccan  carved painted doors and accessories.  Separate bath with shower and bath in secluded, spacious garden setting, with private verandah.

Bakuba Suite

The Bakuba suite features a 19th century double Swahili bed in the midst of spectacular “Kuba” tapestries and textiles woven of palm fibre in the DRC which inspired “modern” artists like Picasso and Matisse.   Book shelves offer a treasury of African books and magazines. Separate toilet and shower, with a bathroom featuring Swahili plasterwork and a view of the Nairobi National Park.

Roof Room

The ‘room at the top’ is a favourite retreat for many visitors.  It is surrounded by terraces and opulent gardens with sweeping view of the Nairobi National Park. There are four single beds in this room, suitable for a family or adults traveling together.  However, one bed is suitable only for children. All beds equipped with mosquito nets.

The roof room features stunning hand painted walls and ceilings with an array of African textiles, cushions and hand-woven mats on the floors.  There is a separate shower on the same level, again with an awesome view of the park, and a separate toilet, also with view.

There is a lookout for lounging and viewing animals above the room.  The roof room is totally private with a flight of stairs from below and its own private entry.



  • SINGLE OCCUPANCY (SGL) B&B including tour of African Heritage House: US $150.00.
  • DOUBLE OCCUPANCY (DBL) B&B  including tour of African Heritage House: US $300.00 per couple.
  • Tour of African Heritage House with tea/coffee:  US $40.00 for  up to 4 people, US$10.00 for each additional person.
  • Lunch or dinner for residents of house:  US$25.00 per person.
  • Light lunch:  US$12.50 per person.
  • Wine and beer and gratuities extra.

Breakfast may be arranged at a time according to guest’s wishes.


  • SINGLE OCCUPANCY (SGL) B&B including tour of African Heritage House: KES 10,000.00
  • DOUBLE OCCUPANCY (DBL) B&B including tour of African Heritage House: KES 20,000.00 per person.
  • Tour of African Heritage House with tea/coffee:  KES 4,000 for up to 4 people, KES 1,000 for each additional person.
  • Lunch or dinner for residents of house:  KES 2,500 per person.
  • Light lunch: KES 1,250 per person.
  • Wine and beer and gratuities extra.

Breakfast may be arranged at a time according to guest’s wishes.

  • All guests may enjoy the libraries and African reading material found throughout the house as well as relaxing in the second story lounge or at the  poolside haven.
  • All rooms and bathrooms have a view of the Nairobi National Park.

“An architecture rising from the sere Kenyan plain like an outcropping of earth, a vision of usefulness informed by the African genius for decoration.”

Unique and precious home

Alan Donovan’s home MUST be visited. It is inspiring, uplifting and so very educational. His nearly half century of immersion in Africa’s rich cultural heritage is all here for us to feast on and learn from, in so many forms and dimensions.

Incredible Art Collection in An Amazing Home

The architecture of the home is breathtaking and Alan Donovan will tell guests about the source of all of the materials used to build it. The collection of African art that Alan has assembled is second to none. He is a font of knowledge and eager to share it with his guests. The food is fantastic and Zack and the rest of the staff are there to attend to your every need.

A Burst of African Culture

I did not know what I was in for when I was visiting this place. Alan Donovan has collected some beautiful and out of this world African art pieces. From Mali to Ghana to Kenya, You name it. The serenity and ambience is also breath-taking. Very intimate place . The decor is to die for. Everything works well together. They also have an amazing and talented chef. The food was delish.

Most amazing collection

We had such a fabulous experience including lunch and great conversation with Alan. You must call ahead and make plans for this private tour. Definitely a highlight not to be missed. The views and authentic artifacts he’s collected are amazing. What a tasty lunch his staff made for us to share with him.

A Must Visit in Kenya

Visiting the African Heritage House, meeting and having lunch with Alan Donovan had been one of the most memorable trips I ever had! He was not simply accommodating, he is a legend himself- very inspiring! The experience made me look back at my life, ask myself if I had followed my heart, and plan to make a difference moving forward, while following your passion. A real must visit in Kenya! Everything and everyone had just been great!

Stayed August 2016

An Experience Not to be Missed!

A visit to the African Heritage House is a must for enthusiasts of African culture. The house itself is a work of art – an architectural masterpiece – and it contains an unparalleled private collection of African paintings, sculpture and precious artifacts. The collection was assembled by owner Alan Donovan during his extensive travels on the continent that spanned four decades. Alan’s knowledge of African culture is encyclopedic, and he provides his guests with an in-depth guided tour.

The house is a visual master class on how to live with museum-quality art and artifacts in a vibrant, comfortable and contemporary way. If you stay overnight, you can linger among exquisite displays of textiles, jewelry, beadwork, wood carvings, musical instruments and tribal items and absorb them at your leisure. Each bedroom has a theme and a beautifully appointed antique bed. The stunning bathrooms have impressive tubs (as well as showers). Alan is a generous host, and his staff provide faultless service and delicious meals.

My husband and I recently spent three nights at the AHH and came away feeling that we had been privileged to experience a unique environment – not a museum, but a gracious home steeped in the essence of African culture. We plan to return as often as we can.

  • Stayed June 2016, traveled as a couple

Remarkable Place

After reading reviews of this unusual place, five of us decided to spend a day and night at Heritage House. The owner and collector, Alan Donovan, was prompt in emailing me on details. To our relief, a staff member was waiting for us along a service road on Mombasa Rosd to direct us to the house Alan constructed over twenty years ago. The house is an imposing structure, with a style of desert U.S. Southwest and Moroccan, overlooking Nairobi National Park. We were given a tour of the stunning artifacts, furniture, and textiles of Alan’s live-in house. Every nook and cranny told a story….a story of the richness of African. We were delighted we made the decision to stay overnight because there was much to digest, and we had the opportunity to ask and share information with Alan. We had our meals served to us on the terrace level overlooking the park. Food was varied, fresh, and delicious. Every guest room was spacious, clean, and beautifully appointed. Uniqueness expresses each room. We decided to have our drinks on each terrace/veranda with expansive views of Zebras, antelope, and giraffe in the distance!…Alan arranges music for guests, at a nominal price. On the morning of our departure were were honored with the singer and instrument maker, Papillon who sang a combination of folk and modern melodies. We were introduced to his newly created instruments. The instruments are a work art…we were mesmerized by Papillon’s ethereal voice. He is releasing a new CD. Because Alan had no incoming guests that afternoon, we were not rushed out the door. Alan said we could take our time. We were so pleased with over fun and informative weekend, that we are telling our friends, Heritage House is a Must-See destination. It is easy to get to Alan’s dream house from Nairobi.Traffic permitting, the house is 30-40 minutes from CBD. We will return. Most importantly, I am very appreciative of Alan’s passion to give back to African by attempting to save what is painfully disappearing to modern growth and development.

Stayed January 2016, traveled with friends

An African cultural feast

I went with my mother for a tour with lunch. The collection is amazing and Alan and his staff were very friendly and welcoming. We will be back again, for an overnight stay next time in one of the beautiful suites.


I spent only one night unfortunately, in coming from the airport and back to the airport the day after, but I must say that I was very pleased. The place finely decorated, rooms are big and comfortable, with a lot of African art around. It was a great surprise.

A Real Gem

While I had been to Nairobi 2x I had not heard of AHH and now I want everyone to go! Alan Donovan led our tour in the most amiable personal manner possible. His collection is amazing and his passion for retaining African culture inspirational. If you chance to be in Nairobi and environs, do reserve a spot on this tour, you will be glad you did.

Stayed August 2015, traveled with friends

Great Heritage House and Collections

A group of 8 of us made a 3 hrs tour of this Heritage House. Alan Donavan, co-founder and world renowned artist, led us in a tour of his collections of arts and historical artifacts. We can feel his passion and love for his life-long collections. However, the African Heritage House is being threatened by the proposed construction of a railroad. Hope it can be preserved. Highly recommended must visit.