Tours, Lunches & Sundowner Dinners

Tours of African Heritage House:

Tours of African Heritage commence with coffee or tea at the private train stop overlooking the Nairobi National Park with a view of the Ngong Hills in the distance.

(Note:  the train is presently not available for guests except for large events when arrangements can be made to rent the train for transport to African Heritage House and return to Nairobi.)

Guests are then taken around the pool and grounds, including the famous “Wedding Tree” where couples get married.  The tour includes the sculpture garden at the poolside and then continues through the four floors of African Heritage House , ending on the rooftop lookout with a breathtaking overview of the Nairobi National Park and its surroundings.


There is a minimum charge of KES 4,000 for up to 4 persons, and each person thereafter is KES 1,000. Total time allowed is 2 hours.

Lunch & Tour

The famous African Heritage House Pan African menus for up to 28 persons, including guided tours of African Heritage House in the afternoons and free use of the pool, overlooking the Nairobi National Park.


KES 4,000 per person. Wine, beer & gratuities extra. No credit cards.

Sundowner dinner & tour

…starts with a guided tour of African Heritage House at 4.30pm followed by  drinks and dinner on one of the verandahs just in time to enjoy a glorious sunset  overlooking the Nairobi National Park. Maximum 28 persons.


KES 4,000 per person.  Beer and wine & gratuities extra. No credit cards.

Renting of grounds:

There is a minimum charge for renting the grounds, including the pool and pool house, of KES 50,000.00 for up to 100 persons and each person thereafter is an additional charge of KES 500.00 per person (excluding drivers, service personnel and children).

For tours of the house, please add KES 500 per person.

All loud music and sound must be muted by 8pm and totally quiet after 11pm.

Please Note

Tours, meals and home stays must be booked in advance.

Weddings, conferences and retreats

Special events like weddings, conferences and retreats may be held for up to l000 persons on the grounds in front of the African Heritage House with sweeping view of the Nairobi National Park and the Ngong Hills.  A private train (the original old steam train is  no longer available) may be arranged through  Rift Valley Railways.  All additional facilities like tents, catering, toilets  and generator must be provided by client.  African Heritage House offers unique entertainment by Papillon,  a spectacular young musician who not only composes all his own music but also designs and creates his own African instruments based on African Instruments, some of which are thousands of years old (see Papillon).

Models and dancers:

‘Warriors’, models and dancers may also be provided in a collection of costumes and fashions of hand-woven and hand printed materials designed by African Heritage.  This can be arranged with Alan Donovan.

Poolside events:

Poolside events are catered by African Heritage for up to a maximum of 28 persons.  The charge for a Pan African  meal with tour is Ksh 4,000 per person.  Other menus may be arranged.

Photo/Video Shoots  and small events:

Smaller events like photo shoots, etc, may be arranged by contacting  Alan Donovan on 0721 518389 or Tom Otieno on 0722 734897 or email [email protected].

African Heritage House provided the backdrop to this video, called LETIGO by Kenyan artists Nameless and Nyashinski:

The African Heritage Days to Save the Lions of Nairobi National Park

In 2004, after 11 lions from the Nairobi National Park were cruelly slaughtered by livestock owners near the park whose livestock had been eaten by lions, African Heritage House organized fund raisers to compensate the livestock owners for their losses.

This program had been operating well in the past but the money had run out.  African Heritage House organized a total of 4 such African Heritage Days for this purpose, with several hundred donors and well wishers coming to the house on the old steam train.

The top donors for the African Heritage Lion Endowment Program held at African Heritage House are commemorated in a permanent billboard at the entry to the Nairobi National Park.

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